After Pregnancy…I didn’t know I was going bald.

Ok, the title is a little misleading. I wasn’t walking around unknowingly looking like a cue ball but I was serious about one thing.

I had no idea my edges were gone until they started growing back!

Let me back up a little. My hair was my pride and joy. I’m one of those people that didn’t feel cute unless my hair looked good. Back in my youthful, well-rested, care-free days (AKA pre-baby), I had a ton of hair too. It was always thick and never shorter than shoulder-length, even when I was relaxing it all the time and using curling irons/flat irons all day, everyday. When I became pregnant, my hair took on a life of it’s own. It was sooooo thick and bouncy and delicious. Just scrumptious, I tell ya.

Now fast forward to 4-5 months post-pregnancy….

I started losing hair like someone was stealing it off my head. Like, for real. I would be afraid to comb it because I’d lose handfuls at a time! I was on the computer in the middle of the night looking at blogs to see if other moms were going through the same thing or if I was doing something wrong. In all my crazy thinking, I just knew I had scalp cancer or something. Is that even a thing??

These are the kinds of things that no one prepares you for when you become pregnant. You’re so happy about a new life coming. You’re glowing. You’re excited about having an excuse to not have to hold your stomach in all the time. It’s a great time. But people tend to leave out those pesky little details about things that happen AFTER pregnancy. No one told me I’d lose so much hair that my scalp would be shivering at night.

It was scary y’all.

But finally, the crazy shedding slowed down and miraculously, I still had hair on top of my head. My hair was so thick to begin with that no one, other than me, even knew that I was shedding like a 1960’s shag carpet.

So, I went about the business of taking care of a little one that never slept while breastfeeding and pumping and leaking all the time while recovering from a C-section while being a new wife while going back to work at a new job and on and on and on. (And yea, I know that was a crazy run-on sentence but I am trying to get y’all to understand my life at that time! On and on and on like that sentence! Lawd, I’m tired from just reminiscing about those early days.)

In the midst of all that, my hair took a back seat. I lived in buns and ponytails. My hair got washed only when I couldn’t stand it anymore. Worrying about hair was the last thing on my mind when I had sooooo many other things going on. And so when I finally emerged from the mind-numbing exhaustion (oh, trust me, I’m still tired tho) and took a look at my hair, I noticed these curly tufts of hair all along my hairline. At first I was happy because my hair was growing back. But then I stopped and had a thought…

My edges had to fall out completely for them to be growing back now. I knew I was shedding, but come on! When in the H-E- double hockey sticks did that happen?! 

I truly didn’t know my edges were gone until they started growing back. I knew pregnancy did a number on you but dang! I could deal with the swollen feet and ankles, the numbing feeling in my hands and fingers, the constant backache, and nausea but losing my edges?? That’s just a slap in the face!!

Have you ever thought about how important your edges are? They literally separate your face from your head. That’s pretty freaking important and mine just fell out without any regard for my emotions! Smh.

But now that things have calmed down a little, I’m really trying to pay more attention to my hair and give it the care it deserves. I really have no choice. Since my edges already left me once, I can’t afford to piss them off again!


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