First Steps

Today I watched my son take his first steps. Oh what a wondrous moment that was for me. As he side-shuffled those five little steps to his daddy’s awaiting arms, I experienced so many emotions. Shock, wonderment, sadness, excitement, anxiety, and elation, to name a few, all at the same time.

But as I watched him, one thought stood out to me the most. How scary that must have been for him.

As his parents, my husband and I looked at those five side-shuffled steps and thought “he’s finally doing it!” But for him, I can only imagine the sheer terror he must’ve felt to let go of all support and trust that his mom and dad would catch him if he fell.

As adults, there are things that we absolutely, positively, will never do no matter how much money you pay us. And why is that?! Is it because we’re too (insert whatever self-disparaging adjective you use to describe yourself here)??

No. It’s because we’re afraid. Plain and simple. Afraid. Afraid of the unknown. Afraid of the known. Afraid of the maybe. Afraid of the maybe nots. Just afraid.

But imagine if we took a page from my son’s book. Imagine if we let go of whatever was holding us back and trusted that someone or something would catch us if we fall.

Imagine what we could be if we would just take that first step.



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