Weight loss journey

Here we go…Again

I haven’t written about my weight loss journey in a while. And that’s because I suck.

I was doing soooooo good, but then…..vacation happened.

I recently went to New York with my little family and while it was a great trip, my healthy eating thing went out the window. It was hubby’s first time in the Big Apple so we did all the tourist-y things.  Empire State Building, Chinatown, Greenwich Village, Times Square, etc.  And of course, we had to let him try authentic NY pizza in the Village. There is just nothing like NY pizza pie. Hmmm. I am having flashbacks of the huge slices, so big that you have to fold them in half to take a bite, the perfect proportions of cheese and grease. Soooo freakin good.  So yeah, not only did we have one slice, or two, but THREE slices apiece. And licked our fingers afterwards.

Then we HAD to go to the world famous Junior’s restaurant for their world famous cheesecake. Remember Puff Daddy’s reality show called “Making the Band” from back in the day? Well he made the contestants walk over the Brooklyn bridge to bring him a slice of cheesecake from Junior’s! (Side note, if you plan on ever visiting NY, put walking the bridge on your bucket list. It’s quite an experience!)  Even though I’ve been to NY many many times before, I hadn’t been to Junior’s either. So we did like tourists do and bought an entire strawberry cheesecake to share with family. (Yeah right! We planned to eat that whole damn thing ourselves but it sounded good that we thought about sharing, right??)  Unfortunately, I didn’t really care for it all that much. It tasted like any other cheesecake. Nothing world famous about it. But, that didn’t stop me from eating it since I paid for it!

Then, we did like the locals do. There’s nothing like going to the projects of Brooklyn and getting Chinese food from a corner store with a 50 cent juice on the side. That’s some good eating right there!! And eating is what I did. The. Entire. Trip.

However, I refuse to get down on myself about it though. That’s what you’re supposed to do on vacation, right? Enjoy the local fares and not stress about things. And I did just that with gusto. But now, I’m back on the healthy eating grind. As I type, I’m sipping on a green smoothie made with spinach, frozen blueberries, banana, and yogurt. It’s not quite NY pizza, but it’ll do.


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