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Married at First Sight?! Say what??

Lots of Youtubers/Bloggers post their outfits of the day or OOTD; this post is my random musing of the day or RMOTD. Let’s get into it!

There is a show on Lifetime called Married at First Sight. It’s another reality show but if you know anything about me, you know that I love them because it’s mindless tv. Nothing can make you feel better about your own life than watching some of train wrecks people make of their lives on national tv. But I digress…I tend to do that a lot so bear with me…

Since Married at First Sight is entirely too long to continue typing out, it will be referred to as MAFS from here on out.

MAFS is exactly what it says. The show follows and chronicles the trials and tribulations of 3 couples that have been matched together by a group of experts to be in legally binding marriages to complete strangers. They don’t even know the name of their spouse until they are standing at the altar together! Can you imagine that?? I have been married for two years but we dated for 6 years beforehand. Needless to say, we definitely knew each other’s names at the altar. At least I think we did. The whole ceremony is a blur. I think I blacked out at one point. lol.

The entire concept of marrying a stranger is one that I could never contemplate for myself but the idea is very interesting. I’ve had friends say that it makes a mockery of the sanctity of marriage and others don’t really know what to say about it.

MAFS starts by showing the weddings of the couples. And these are legit weddings! Both sets of families, decorations, tuxedos, dresses, reception, the whole pomp and circumstance. I think the most awkward part of watching it is seeing the anxiety they feel when they see their partner for the first time. The fear that the other person won’t think they’re attractive or they won’t find their spouse attractive. Can you imagine taking the time, energy, and emotional risk to marry a stranger only to see the disappointment in their face when they see you??? I just could not subject myself to the potential of that!  And then the elephant in the room…do you consummate the marriage on the wedding night?? For most couples, being intimate with your new spouse on the wedding night is expected and anticipated. But when you marry a stranger, what do you do??? And then they only have 6 weeks to decide if they want to stay married or get a divorce. Talk about pressure!

Could you do it? Could you marry a stranger?


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